Available drawings (on paper)

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parallax zwart wit tekening met fineliners en kleurpotlood op papier
Parallax 5 is one of the black and white series created while sailing the North Sea and The English Channel. Markers on prepared paper.
Zwart wit tekening te koop bij tekenkabinet
Abstract inktschilderij met helder gele kleuren en een hint van groen en meer tertiaire kleuren.
Abstract schilderij met airbusinkt in heldere kleuren
Abstract schilderij met airbrush inkt in heldere kleuren
Different shades of yellow, green and a very light blue give depth to this small and still monumental painted drawing
Abstract painting with shades of blue, green and yellow
colorful abstract painting with yellow, purple, brown colors and stripes
In this painted drawing you'll find a rich variety of blue colors, combined with fresh green, brownish orange and warm yellow
abstract aquarel schilderij op papier, gemaakt met airbrush inkt in heldere kleuren