I have one of your works and often stop in my day to contemplate it.

I can enter it's world and can become absorbed.

Mary Little, sculptor 

Los Angeles 

Dear people, these works do well in the photo, but when you actually sit in front of it, you will experience the spaciousness and depth that are in these small powerful drawings on hdf.

I know because I bought one last week and can now enjoy it daily. Marieke Noort, The Netherlands

Thank you Selma! Speaking just for me, I must say, that the subtle materiality in your works speaks to me. In this we, you and O+k have an interesting similarity. Seen from far away, you wouldn't recognize the work's inherent finesse. All this packed in an aesthetic form that can just be loved, but at the same time leaving so many surprising details open to discover. Minimalism at it's best. Thank you for letting me discover you and your work.

Sigi Koezle, Germany

I’m so pleased to have this drawing in our collection. And to see it’s marks and lines in person. I’m also happy to have the opportunity to follow Selma’s work and enjoy her explorations.

Stella Untalan, Philadelphia, US