Sold drawings

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The pattern goes on forever, changing a little.
An abstract colorful drawing with many thin layers with airbrush ink and markers.
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an abstract blue line drawing on an acrylic surface, there are two shades of blue: one ultramarine and the other more phtalo blue green shade.
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a drawing with natural colors, made with markers and airbrush ink on birch plywood.
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the pattern on this abstract nonobjective drawing has almost disappeared
The moiré pattern occurs predominantly because of the black lines. the background is white acrylic paint with some lines.
abstract drawing with a moiré pattern in black and white stripes and lines
second part of a diptych, an abstract drawing with many lines, partly black, partly white.
line drawing in black and white on a hard surface. The lines are made with markers and I used also acrylic paint.
It's not possible to see the whole picture, you need to focus on one layer at a time.
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Infinite Change
colorful abstract drawing with a moiré pattern.