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When we talk about reality, what is reality and does it exist?

Having lived in different countries, cities and villages, my' drawings offer different perspectives. My work is heavily influenced by her long stays with her sailing boat at sea where nothing is what it seems and where everything can change within a split second. At sea I've learned to listen and watch carefully and to follow nature. I consider my drawing process the same way: intuitive interventions and conscious choices go together as the drawin slowly unfolds.

An area of interest is the I Ching: ‘Everything turns into its opposite in the long run’. The straightness in the drawings need some fluidity, diffuse surfaces need some clear lines, color needs blacks and whites.

I'm also interested the meditative and repetitive quality of the work by the South Korean artists of the Dansaekhwa and by Brice Marden: his exploration of light, color, and surface and the calligraphy gestures.

I'm fascinated by the line and how the lines can form sometimes a textile-like surface.          The works are made with markers, fineliners and pigment ink and sometimes colored pencils on different surfaces: paper, hdf, wood and canvas/linen.

As a drawing consists of many layers made of many lines the viewer needs time to observe and to discover different ways of seeing.

Time is of essence in both the making process and in the observing.                                       The drawings depict experiences in an abstract way and invite the viewer to experience wonder and a feeling of timelessness.


Selma Dronkers, 17-04-1957, Amsterdam

Lived and worked in Hungary (1990-1993)

Currently living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Work in private collections
Work in the collection municipality Nijmegen
Work in the collection of the artist association of Hungary


1984-1986 Artacademy Arnhem 

Member Artist association Arti et Amicitiae 

Member Dutch association of Draftsmen nktv

Chairwoman of the balloting committee Dutch Association of Drawers NKvT



"Expo Thuis", Amsterdam (solo)

"NKvT", Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague

"Leerraum", Braugasse, curated by Michael Kruscha, Hoyerswerda near Dresden, Germany. 

"Wintersalon" Pictura, Groningen

"Wintersalon" Arti, Amsterdam


"Wintersalon",new work at Art et Amicitiae

"Light of Veere 2.0", Museum Veere  "The Scottisch Houses" (NKvT)

"Online presentation and sales exhibition at "Inart Kunstcollectief"

"Into the WeSpace", Artlovers Space, Brummen (Aletta Bos Studio)

Online: Teken blog Wim Kranendonk (only in Dutch)


“Biennale”, Pulchri, The Hague 

"Kunstlijn", Haarlem

“Art The Hague” with Blendprojects, Fokker Terminal, The Hague

“Airy”, Gallery North, Groningen

“Covimetry”, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, USA

“Sales during Corona”, Pictura, Groningen

“Wintersalon”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

“Artist Support Pledge”, De Balie, Amsterdam


“De Tekengalerij”,  Wim Kranendonk Arthistorian, online

“Ladekastproject” , Phoebus Gallery, Rotterdam

“Drawing”, Amstel Church, Amsterdam


“New work”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

“Summerkabinet”, Tekenkabinet gallery, Amsterdam

“ Winterkabinet”, Tekenkabinet gallery, Amsterdam

“New Members”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam


“Free Visual Arts”, Museum Valkhof, Nijmegen

“99+1 Revisited”, DNG gallery, Beuningen


“Artist in Residence Exhibition”, Maas, Nijmegen

“4 Artists”, LBS4 Gallery, Amsterdam

“Art and Religion”, Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg, Germany 


“Realism”, Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam


“180 view”, Telpost, Millingen 

“Only Drawing”, Kunstwest Gallery, Amsterdam



Groupexhibition Cultuurhuis van de Stad Nijmegen

2014 Realism Artfair Amsterdam

Groupexhibition Stevenskerk and Honig factory Nijmegen


Realism Art Fair Amsterdam

Tussen-Ruimte solo: Cultuurhuis van de Stadt Nijmegen

2012 Groepsexpo Stevenskerk Nijmegen
2011 Groepsexpo galerie de Stoker Amsterdam
2009 Made in Arnhem; ‘Arnheminvites’
2007 ‘Hebban Alla Vogala’ groupexhibition curated by Marlies van Erp
2006 Etalageproject, solo, Het groeit, Lange Hezelstraat, Nijmegen

Grouppresentation  in The White Church, Ubbergen


Passanten/Voorbijgangers, Installation and performance VillaLila

50 koppen 50 kunstenaars, Villa Lila2004 Global Village Festival, VillaLila

2000-2001 De Langste Nacht, Installation in Het Blauwe Venster

Images of Diversity / Be Equal Be Different, VillaLila

150 artists/ small works, Het Blauwe Venster

Before 2000: Co Founder Kunstwerk Kunstuitleen Nijmegen

Organisation and participant Atelierverschijningen Nijmegen