⁣Why are certain drawings a good combination?⠀, created: 2021-11-23

⁣Why are certain drawings a good combination?⠀

When I’m selecting works for exhibitions, I look through the drawings and lay them on a table, the floor or hang them on the wall of my studio.⠀
I try several combinations, this process is intuitive.⠀
Sometimes they form pairs, sometimes a row of three or more.⠀

When I look back I see that often the combinations have more or less their colors in common. ⠀
The way the lines are ‘moving’ is different:⠀
sometimes they form a diffuse surface, sometimes a more clear rhythm.⠀
⁣Sometimes they differ in tone or warm and cool.⠀

Maybe I should say that the drawings combine themselves, like these two drawings from 2020.⠀
They found each other just a few days ago.⠀

What is important to you when you’re combining artworks for an exhibition or the works you’ve bought for your home?⠀

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